How to install CapAnalysis


CapAnalysis can be installed in the following Linux distributions:ca_download

  • Debian 32bit
  • Ubuntu 32bit
  • Debian 64bit
  • Ubuntu 64bit

The installation packages can be downloaded here.


gdebi_1To install CapAnalysis the easy way is using GDebi. For that the first step is install GDebi. The command to use is:

sudo apt-get install gdebi

After that, from the Desktop select, with the file manager, the CapAnalysis’s installation package and clicking the right mouse button, install CapAnalysis using GDebi.

When the installation is completed CapAnalysis is already running. In any case if you want restart CapAnalysis the command to use is:

sudo /etc/init.d/capanalysis restart


Using your browser (Firefox, Chrome, …) visit the URL http://localhost:9877. If you installed CapAnalysis in a server whose IP is <server_ip> the URL to use is: http://<server_ip>:9877 .

The page visualized will be similar at this at the right. Click on the button named “New password” and wait some seconds and following the instruction. After that you can upload your pcap file.