Creating Dataset for pcap files analysis

Create a new Dataset

howto_dataset_1Using a browser access to the URL http://localhost:9877 . From page that appears select the “tab” named “+New”, in the form write the name of your new dataset (the dataset can have the same name of another dataset) and press the “Submit” button.





Add capture files to analyze

howto_dataset_3Returning to the main page press the button named “Files” related to the dataset in which you want add new pcap files.

There are two methods to upload the files:

  • via Browser
  • via netcat (PCAP-over-IP)

Via Browser

howto_dataset_4Clicking the “Click Here” button will be possible select one or more files to upload.

Via netcat

Select the Tab named “PCAP-over-IP” (red indication in the figure) and use the command suggested (blue indication) for each of your files (one by one).


Dataset overview

howto_dataset_6Click on dataset name to enter analysis.