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This release is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04, because it supports also PHP7. Furthermore there are new features and bugs fixed.

You can download installation packages (.deb) from here.


What if you find a PCAP file on the web and want to upload it? You don’t need to download it first.
You can simply paste the URL of a publicly available PCAP into the widget “Import from URL”.
This is also true if the PCAP file is in a ZIP archive, such as those provided by Malware-Traffic-Analysis.net.

Try this new feature here.


CapAnalysis is now open source!

This release 1.2.0 upgrades some features and it fixes bugs… but moreover starting from now CapAnalysis is open source.
The public GitHub repository is https://github.com/xplico/CapAnalysis .

If you are using Ubuntu or Debian the installation packages (.deb) can be downloaded from here.


demo_pcap_filtersTry CapAnalysis right now!

CapAnalysis-Demo gives the possibility to upload up to 20MB of PCAP files and analyze them using CapAnalysis .

No password is required.

All data are deleted automatically at 00:00 UTC the day after the creation of dataset.



New Year and a new website for CapAnalysis…


With this release we improved:

  • the Protocol Identification, using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • the web user interface
  • the performance

Starting from this release it is also possible buy a license of CapAnalysis.